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The Medical Association of Evros would like to inform you about the:

Special Provision

of the medical software for electronic prescription & Clinic Management

The board  of Directors of Medical Association of Evros, in their meeting on the 18th of June 2017, accepted the Special Provision of
SIGMASOFT and secured for all members of the Medical Association of Evros, the free provision of the medical software MEDEXPRESS  until the 30th of November 2017 with full rights {installation – activation – training – limitless phone support (Monday-Friday 9:00-21:00)},  without any further charge or purchase obligation.

After the 1st of December 2017, physicians who have used the special provision can continue its usage according to the existing PRICELIST. Due to our special cooperation with the Medical Association of Evros, extra discount on the pricelist will be provided for all members.

Detailed description of the medical software can be found in the “Technical Characteristics of MedExpress” section.

If you would like to use the Special Provision of the Medical Software MedExpress, please fill in the following form and a representative of SIGMASOFT’s customer service department will contact you soon, for the arrangement of the software’s installation and training.

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Office Phone Number*:

Postal code:


Contact Person/Secretary:

Registration number of Medical Association of Evros:

Contracted with EOPYY



I accept the terms and conditions of the free special provision towards all members of the Medical Association of Evros:

The process on installation and activation will be held by phone.

No physical presence of technician is necessary at your office and its duration is approximately 20 minutes.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on the special helpline exclusively for the Medical Association of Evros members, 801 11 65 100 for home/office phone or +30 210 747 0040 for cell-phone.

The FREE Special Provision of the medical software MedExpress, aims to assist all member of the Medical Association of Evros to familiarize themselves and exploit an integrated IT system that will contribute significantly to the organization of their practice.

The medical software, which was recently awarded at the “Healthcare Business Awards 2016” and more specifically at the “e-Health – Digital Healthcare professional support application” category, is designed along with specialized doctors and specialized in the area of e-Health scientists and IT engineers.

MedExpress in currently being used by more than 3.000 private sector physicians all over Greece, who are certified users of the national system of Electronic Prescription and it owns the first place in Medical Management Software sales of the Greek Market.

The software is specially designed in order to function as a proper tool for the organization of every practice, contributing significantly to:

  • The reduction of e-prescription time and the automation of electronic input regarding prescription and referrals.
  • The facilitation during search and input and avoidance of mistakes.
  • The more effective organization and analysis of clinical data with immediate access to full patient’s electronic record.
  • The reduction of waiting time in the practice.
  • The support of the physician to focus on his/her practice and the assist on evaluation, diagnosis and patient treatment through immediate access to full patient’s prescription, examinations and visit history.

The software addresses to all physicians of all specialties who are users of the “e-prescription system” and fully covers the electronic input of prescription & referrals in full interoperation with the national system of Electronic Prescription, the monitoring of patients’ medical history and the appointments management.

Special edition of the software supports the physicians who are contracted with EOPYY, since it provides them with the ability to automatically submit all their visits to the electronic system of EOPYY (e-Dapy).

The main goal of the software development team is to support the important job of a physician using the latest and most modern IT technologies.

The Future of Practice Management…TODAY!

The detailed characteristics of the medical software can be found in the “Technical Characteristics of MedExpress” section that follows.

  1. The special provision concerns EXCLUSIVELY physicians who are members of the Medical Association of Evros.
  2. The right to use the special provision have doctors who own login details and active account on the National Electronic Prescription System of IDIKA S.A.
  3. The physician – member of the Medical Association of Evros, can request on installation & activation of MedExpress to one (1) computer.
  4. For physicians who will express interest on the special provision electronically or over the phone, one license will be activates (for one computer) for the months mentioned above with full rights {installation – activation – training – limitless phone support (Monday-Friday 9:00-21:00)}.
  5. The physicians who will activate Free special provision, will not have any financial charge or purchase obligation that will result from the activation of the specific special provision.
  6. SIGMASOFT SA has the right to deny the installation of the software in computers that do not have the minimum operating requirements or to interrupt the provision / support in cases of improper or malicious use of the software.
  7. The existing users of MedExpress with active contract of support and updates, do not have the right to make use of the specific provision. To the existing users, equally valued software or services will be provided after personal communication.
  8. The activation request electronically or via the phone results in the acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

The medical software MedExpress won the Bronze award in the “e-Health – Digital Healthcare professional support application” category of the “Healthcare Business Awards 2016”.

“Healthcare Business Awards 2016” were organized by the specialized electronic magazine Health Daily, aiming to highlight and reward developmental initiatives, groundbreaking application and treatment practices of organizations in the Health sector.

Distinguished and important Greek and foreign scientists from all sectors of Health the jury committee of the Rewards.

At the Award ceremony, which took place Tuesday the 13th of September at Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment enterprises, hospitals – private clinics – diagnosis centers, patients associations, medical associations – medical scientific companies, Universities – Research centers- Educational Institutions, non- profit organizations and Start-ups got awarded for their important contribution, and national initiatives in Health.

For more information on the “Healthcare Business Awards 2016” click here.

MedExpress is fully interoperated with the national e-prescription system, providing the possibility of the doctor to issue electronic prescriptions and referrals asynchronously, without requiring his entrance at the IDIKA online system. The connection of the application to the Prescribing "Electronic System" was developed in full compliance with standards, protocols and specifications for interoperability and data exchange between health information systems, while fully respecting the functional and technical specifications of epSOS and standards HL7 for the exchange of medical data (according to the technical specifications of interoperability mechanism of «e-Prescription»).

Physicians users and their partners, actively participate in the evolution of software by sending daily recommendations for improvement and suggestions for integrating new functions and capabilities using the tool "Tell us your opinion" in the original software screen.



  • Complete patient record without any prior input.
  • Fully interoperated with the national e-prescription system.
  • Comprehensive statistical information (prescriptions, referrals, visits, infirmary operation etc.)
  • Integrated Technical Support (Monday to Friday, 9:00-21:00)



  • Up to 80% time saving for patients’ care.
  • Faster data registration and prescription.
  • Prescriptions’ repeatability with a single click.
  • Fast printing of visits, prescriptions, referrals, etc.



  • Typeless data input.
  • Medical examinations archive.
  • Automatic creation of consumables form.
  • Ability of automatic prescription creation based on patients’ record of prescriptions.
  • Handy and friendly user interface.



  • Automatic creation of patients’ record.
  • Patients records’ update from the first day of the physician’s prescription.
  • Ability to save notes in patient’s file.
  • Electronic invoice / receipt issuing.



  • Aggregated data of visits, prescriptions, referrals etc.
  • Detailed information of prescriptions, referrals, medicines and treatments.
  • Generic drugs goals.
  • Prescriptions with drug change.


Minimum Pc Specifications

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP4.
  • RAM : 2 GB.
  • Hard Disk HDD: 6GB.
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz /AMD Athlon 64  X2 2.4 GHz

SIGMASOFT S.A. is an innovative software development company, providing IT solutions, software and services in the sector of e-Health & m-Health addressing professionals and organizations of the private and public sector. More than 3.000 physicians, pharmacies, diagnosis centers, pharmaceutical companies & public organizations have chosen our solutions and services.

The basic activities of the company are:

  • Software development, update, information and training on matters of information systems & medical technology.
  • The development of special activities for the promotion of research and top technology in the sector of e-Health.
  • Services of design, development and support of information systems and e-Health & m-Health applications
  • The participation in research projects regarding the development of integrated information systems for private and public organizations in Greece and abroas.

The human resources of the company consist of specialized scientists & engineers with specialization in systems analysis, engineers specialized in e-Health*m-Health information systems, Psychologists, Financial experts and Project managers. The development of solutions in the sector of e-Health is a strategic choice for us. With anthropocentric approach and use of the latest and most modern tools in Computing, out ambition is to stand beside you as “Partners” and not just as “Providers”.

We stand beside you with consistency and professionalism!


Send us your message and we will contact you as soon as possible.