Turning information into knowledge

DoctorBI is the highly specialized business intelligence software for the modern physician with the aim of more efficient management and analysis of the clinical data of his patients


Instant update and convenience

  • Easy to use and friendly User Interface
  • Instant access to the information you’re interested in

Patient file

  • Automatically create a patient record
  • Patient history (visits, prescribing and referral of laboratory tests)

Patient Monitoring Indicators

  • Distribution of patients by condition, based on treatment, demographic characteristics
  • Dispensary Traffic Index, Prevalence Index, Multi-Morbidity Index

Technical Support

Integrated technical support services from our highly trained staff.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 21:00

Usability, Information & Speed

Operating fully with the E-Prescription system of the EDIKA, DoctorBI automatically draws the full patient file, without requiring any additional registration by the doctor