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The No. 1 in sales award-winning medical software of the Greek market!
MedExpress is aimed at medical users of the National Electronic Prescribing System and is the first-selling medical prescription and dispensary management software of the Greek market.
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The office with you on your mobile phone!
The app synchronizes all your Online Prescribing data quickly and securely.
Automatically collect all your patient file on (mobile or Tablet), with all the information you need, without registration!
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Sigma Salesforce

Get the full picture of your customers and get the most out of it effectively.
Maximize your sellers' productive time with tools that enhance their efficiency wherever they are and whatever device they use.
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An essential tool for any health professional.
Aggregated patient records with a comprehensive medical history and a specialized file by specialty
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By fully cooperating with the Electronic Prescribing system of HDIKA S.A., DoctorBI automatically draws the complete patient record, all visits, prescriptions and referrals of all patients from the e-prescription, without requiring any additional registration by the doctor.
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Solo Telemedicine

The company, in collaboration with global health providers, supports remotely consulting, diagnosing and monitoring services for patients at a distance and emergency support services in Hospitals, Clinics, Private Clinics & Primary and Secondary Health Care Structures.
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Providing consulting services on technical compliance with the Privacy Regulation – GDPR.
Our services are provided by a specialized team that covers all necessary functional areas for your organization to comply with gdpr technical safety requirements
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