Medical prescribing software

MedExpress is addressed to medical users of the National Electronic Prescribing System and is the No 1 in sales medical prescription and dispensary management software of the Greek market.
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Connection to Electronic Prescribing through the interoperability mechanism of the HDIKA (Doctors API)
Speed and Ease

  • Easy to use and friendly User Interface
  • Repetitions of Prescritpions and Infubstances with 1 click
  • Register new Prescriptions and Infubbings without typing based on prescribing history
  • Send visits to e-DAPY with 1 click and in less than 1 minute

Patient file

  • Automatically create a patient record
  • Patient history
  • Ability to save notes to the patient’s tab
  • Possibility of Issuing Service Receipts

Integrated Statistical Information

  • Aggregates of Visits, Prescritpions and Referrals
  • Detailed information on Prescriptions, Treatments and Medicines
  • Generic Objectives
  • Prescriptions with Drug Change

Technical Support

Integrated technical support services from our highly trained staff.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 21:00

Necessary tool for the proper organization of each dispensary

The aim of the software development team is to support the physician at all levels, using the most up-to-date INFORMATION technologies, helping him to further develop his function