Electronic Medical File Management System-E.M.R.

Complete web based software for easy and fast management of your patients' electronic folders.


An essential tool for every health professional
Speed and Ease

  • Easy to use and friendly User Interface
  • Web Based with PC, tablet, mobile
  • Manage Users by Access and Processing Rights
  • It is addressed to doctors of all specialties and to centers where they work (Multi-Medical Centers – Diagnostic Centers – Hospitals)
  • Possibility of registering licenses/absences and days of non-operation

Patient file

  • Create an AMKA patient record now
  • Full record of medical history of patients
  • Registration and processing of patient results
  • Manage Appointments / Visits
  • Link text and picture files
  • Questionnaires

Integrated Statistical Information

  • Visits / Event / Patient Reports
  • Monitoring of Hospitalized Patients
  • Tracking Curves
  • Findings of Imaging Examinations
  • To-do Management

Technical Support

Integrated technical support services from our highly trained staff.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 21:00

Spend all your time with your patients

Aggregated patient records with comprehensive medical history, performed medical operations and specialized file by specialty